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We’re Empowering the Next Great Civic Leaders…

And we’re already making a powerful impact by leading change within Eastern Panhandle area communities! To us, becoming a civic leader is all about understanding that local efforts have a global reach, and it all begins with creating local leadership opportunities that put women’s skills and passion to work right here in the Eastern Panhandle. If you’re interested in developing civic leadership skills while collaborating on important efforts with a group of like-minded women, you’re in the right place!

The Junior League is a Highly Respected Organization with an Extraordinary Legacy…

And our league, the Junior League of the Eastern Panhandle, is very proud of that historic reputation, but as society changes, we adapt and evolve. We strive to put our venerable values to work in modern ways; demonstrating our pride and perpetuating our legacy by serving as a powerful voice for action, justice and change throughout the Eastern Panhandle area. Together, we are working to empower our members to fulfill the needs of those neglected by the “missing generation” of caregivers, who are absent due largely to addiction issues. We are committed to reaching our goals of fighting food insecurity amongst children, supporting the local foster care network, and assisting the elderly with projects beyond their physical capabilities. Women of the Eastern Panhandle will lead this important initiative. Will you be one of them?

Join the movement that’s dedicated to creating change, empowering leaders, and impacting the communities of the greater Eastern Panhandle Area.

Become a Driving Force of Change Within Your Community

We accepting new members on a rolling basis so our application period is now OPEN When new members apply, they are invited to participate in monthly General Membership Meetings (GMM) that provide them with the tools and information they’ll need to play a crucial role in the Junior League of the Eastern Panhandle’s current community goal of stepping up to fulfill the needs of those neglected by the “missing generation.”

Junior League of the Eastern Panhandle Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be 21 by date of application to be eligible for membership.

Junior League of the Eastern Panhandle Annual Membership Commitments

  • Pay Membership Dues of $100
  • Complete 8 Hours of Volunteer Service
  • Attend a Minimum of 4 Monthly General Membership Meetings

Eligible and Ready to Apply? Click here to fill out an application!

To learn more about our work and discover more opportunities to get involved, visit our Community page.